Bringing wellness to the world.

The TriVita Wellness Center goes far beyond what traditional wellness programs and assessments do. We take it several steps further by combining unique health and wellness services for a truly comprehensive experience.

Our model is designed to dramatically improve what matters most—your optimal well-being.

To accomplish this, we look at all drivers of high performance in all areas of life and individualize our program for your personal needs. Starting with self-assessments and working toward self-awareness and self-improvement, we use tools such as clinical support, goal setting, health coaching and educational resources.

Our program is designed to facilitate success using the 10 Essentials for Health and Wellness and deliver real value in three key areas of life: physical, emotional and spiritual.

Meet our CEO & Founder, Michael R. Ellison.
"Wellness is having the energy and vitality to do the meaningful and important things in your life."

TriVita CEO & Founder Michael Ellison has a mission. He wants to help people everywhere experience wellness.

"Wellness is having the energy and vitality to do the meaningful and important things in your life," he says. "To have daily positive emotions of love, forgiveness, gratitude and acceptance, and to feel connected to God and His purposes for your life.”

For Michael, this mission became crystal clear when he experienced a personal health crisis at the age of 50. As he recovered and found his way back to health, he became determined to share his message of wellness and wealth with others. This led to his founding TriVita in 1999, where he now leads the company’s ongoing pursuit of wellness and teaches others how to fulfill their life purposes.

Helping people live healthier, more joyful lives continues to be Michael’s purpose. He brings this passion to his day-to-day operations at TriVita, and now, to the creation of one of the world’s most innovative health and wellness models—the TriVita Wellness Center.